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Grass Lake Nature Park

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City of Olympia: FAQ

Abandoned Vehicles – How do I report?
Animals – What do I do about stray or threatening animals?
Birth and Death Certificates – Whom do I contact?
Building Permits – What are the requirements?
Business License– Do I need one?
Code Violations – How do I report a code violation?
Crime – How do I report a crime or share information about a crime with the police?
Domestic Partner Registry – Where do I find the application?
Fireworks – When can I discharge?
Garage Sales – Do I need a permit?
Garbage and Recycling – What is the pick-up schedule for residences?
Graffiti – Who’s responsible for what? Where do I report graffiti?
Home-based Businesses – What are the requirements?
Marriage Certificates – Where do I get one?
Parks, Arts & Recreation Classes and Activities – How do I register?
Property Taxes – Where do I pay? How are they determined?
Street Closure – How does my neighborhood close a street for a block party?
Utilities – Where do I call to turn on utility services? What if I have an emergency with my City utility services

Emergency Numbers

Police 911 / 360.753.8300 (non-emergency)

Fire 911 / 360.753.8348 (non-emergency)