Mint Landscape Maintenance takes care of our lawns and shrubs every Thursday throughout the year. They, along with additional select landscape contractors are doing a great job of cleaning up many of the areas along Goldcrest Drive and making them more attractive.

We are continuing to search out invasive plants like English ivy, Himalayan blackberries, English holly, and Scotch broom throughout our landscaped and wooded areas and remove most of them. These plants compete for moisture, light and nutrients with native species, damaging trees, rhodies and other plants as they easily spread. These species are on the City of Olympia’s list of most undesirable plants to have in Greenbelt areas. Mostly native plants, or at least plants that thrive in this area, growing throughout our neighborhood is our goal. The City is developing a program to help us remove these invasive species from our wooded areas.

Keeping the moss off the sidewalk, walkway and curbs along Goldcrest Drive and trying to provide drainage for the water that comes from underground springs and runs across our sidewalks are on-going endeavors. Our walkways need to be safe for walking year-round.

We plan to continue making improvements to the landscaped areas of our neighborhood, as money allows. Give Jason Welsh a call or email him if you would like to help in designing, planning, removing, maintaining or pruning plants in our greenbelt. Or if you want to take invasive plants out of the areas around your home, be sure to fill out a Working on Greenbelt form and email it for approval.

We want everyone who drives into our neighborhood, including you, to feel peaceful and happy, seeing the beauty around them. Well cared for landscaping helps keep our house prices up and our stress levels low.